We're Getting Married


Hicham E. El Hajj boutros

Hicham was born and raised in Kaslik, Jounieh. Throughout his childhood, he loved playing football, basketball and swimming. During the cold and rainy days, Hicham and his friends would play video games into the wee hours of the morning. His love to
football didn't fade away. Whenever you miss him, you can find him staring at the tv screen watching Barcelona.

As a young child, hicham's hobby was to break and repair electronics. He had a creative mind. Growing up, music interested him, he put up a new hobby, started playing bass guitar.
Today Hicham plays bass guitar for two local bands "Layer Cake" and "Rebellion".
At university he developed a knack for web development. He graduated in 2006, as a web developer and started his career path at cre8mania and later he partenered with Jessy to start up their own interactive design studio, Interactive Switch.


Jessy F. Mouawad

Jessy was born and raised in Jal el dib. Growing up, she loved watching movies as well as spending her summer days at the beach.
After school, she attended the University of Holy spirit, where her passion for design was born. After three years, Jessy graduated with a degree in multimedia.

Jessy started off her career at cre8mania too. She stayed there for four years before she got the call from M&C Saatchi to join the team and work on many exciting projects.After years and experience in the field, she joined forces with Hicham and started up their own project, Interactive switch.

Jessy's past times include origami, shopping, and more shopping!

Hicham and Jessy met during the acceptance test at Holy Spirit Univesirty Of Kaslik. During their second year, their new-found friendship grew by talking constantly and hanging out daily.

This friendship grew into love, their lives took the same path. After they graduated, they started working for the same company and they were literally inseparable. After many years and a wealth of experience they decided its time to go for it and start their own studio.

Life, love and work. It all made this moment possible! WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!


5:30 pm


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  • The rock band "The scropions" was the first thing in common between Jessy And Hicham
  • Jessy is such a star wars fan, you could mistake her for a real geek
  • Jessy and Hicham will be joined at their new home by the one and only Zee "the cat"
  • Hicham's favorite sports isn't football
  • Jessy and Hicham started their own company Interactive Switch in 2011
  • Jessy and Hicham have a thing for Karaoke, They hate it
  • Hicham Plays Bass guitar. The tattoo on his left hand spells JACO his favorite bass player


To all our family & friends for there constant love & support, as well as